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Running The DaVinci Code through the Virus Detector - The origin of the conspiracy revealed.

Our story begins in France.

Francois Béranger Saunière was the parrish Priest at Rennes-le-Château from 1885 until 1912. He was, by all accounts, a man of modest means when he first took the post, but shortly after his appointment the Priest began spending money freely to refurbish the church and build many structures in the area, such as the Tower of the Magdalene (Tour Magdala).

Speculation was rife on the source of the parish priest's money. Was it the lost treasure of the Templars or the Cathars in the area? Might it have been buried Visigothic gold? Or was he blackmailing the Church with some terrible secret?

It is claimed that while renovating his church, Saunière discovered parchments, and started showing his display of sudden wealth. There are no indications as to exactly what the parchments contained but speculations range from biblical treasure once owned by the Knights Templar to proof supporting claims to the throne by various royalist factions. Whatever it was, it supposedly allowed Saunière to spend a huge amount of money for the times and for his official income.

Father Riviere, Saunière’s confessor, denied Saunière last rites when he went to his death bed in 1917. He allegedly left the secret of where he got his fabulous wealth to his housekeeper, Marie Dernaud, who promised to reveal it on her deathbed -- but sadly she had a stroke which left her paralyzed and unable to speak before her death in 1953. Rumors nonetheless persisted.

A mysterious secret society brought itself to light in 1956, and this same group claimed to be the cabal behind many of the events that occurred at Rennes-le-Château in 1981. At that time the Prieure du Notre Dame du Sion, or Priory of Sion (Zion), released "prieure documents" which suggest Sauniere was loosely connected to a type of Freemasonry known as the Hieron du Val d'Or. There were also hints that the Hieron was the "guise" of the "PoS" during that time period. The documents were released by a man named Pierre Plantard de St.-Clair, who claims that he was made Grand Master of the Priory of Sion on January 17th, 1981. Coincidentally this was around the time in which the book “Holy Blood Holy Grail” was published, which purports to disclose the documents Saunière discovered, and the role the Priory of Sion had in protecting the secrets there. What Saunière discovered was:

* Jesus did not die on the Cross.

* Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and had children. These children were secreted out of Jerusalem after Jesus’ (natural) death to France, where a large Jewish population sheltered their descendents.

* Peter and the Apostles drove Mary Magdalene and the children to flee in a power grab for the leadership of the early Church..

* Jesus’ original teachings concerned Shekinah, the female deity counterpart of Yahweh.

* Jesus was a goddess worshiper.

* Jesus was merely a man, not God Incarnate.

* Jesus was first described as God by Constantine in a means of consolidating power.

* Jesus’ descendents later became the Merovingian dynasty of European monarchy. Charles Martel and his grandson Charlemagne treacherously overthrew the Merovingian dynasty.

* Merovingian line was preserved by the secret society of the Priory of Sion (which gave rise to the Knights Templar) and were assigned by the Catholic Church to keep the secret safe.

* Members of the Priory of Sion included Italian artist/scientist Leonardo da Vinci, novelist Victor Hugo, painter Botticelli, composer Claude Debussy, and scientist (and Protestant) Sir Issac Newton. In modern times the leadership included a who’s who of French politics and arts: General Charles deGaulle, Marcel Lefebvre, Francois Ducaud-Bourget, Andre Malraux, film director Jean Cocteau and Alain Poher.

According to the Prieure's documents, its history is 900-year-old . Its earliest roots are in a Gnostic society led by a man named Ormus, who is said to have reconciled paganism and Christianity using the information listed above. In 1070, a group of monks from Calabria, Italy, led by Prince Ursus, founded the Abbey of Orval in France near Stenay, in the Ardennes. These monks are said to have formed the basis for the Order de Sion, into which they were "folded" in 1099 by Godfroi de Bouillion. For about one hundred years, the Order of the Temple (Knights Templar) and Sion were apparently unified under one leadership, though they are said to have separated at the "cutting of the elm" at Gisors in 1188. (The Templar order was then destroyed by King Phillipe Le Bel of France, in 1307.) It appears that there are vast connections between Sion and numerous sociocultural strata in European thought -- Roscicrucianism, Freemasonry, Arthurian and Grail legends, "Arcadianism," Catharism, etc.

In 1956 the PoS listed with the French directory of organizations under the subtitle "Chivalry of Catholic Rules and Institutions of the Independent and Traditionalist Union," which in French abbreviates to CIRCUIT -- the name of the magazine distributed internally among members. Depending on what statutes one considers, PoS either has 9,841 members in nine grades, or 1,093 members in seven, with the supreme member, the "Nautonnier" or Grand Master of the Order being, till 1963, famed film director Jean Cocteau.

Pierre Plantard de St.-Clair claims to have been Cocteau’s successor, but left the post in 1984. In 1984, in an interview published in Messianic Legacy, he told the authors Baigent, Lincoln, and Leigh (Holy Blood, Holy Grail) that political "maneouvres" by "Anglo-American" members could no longer be tolerated, and that he was resigning.

During the late 1930s and 1940s, during the Vichy Occupation of France, a young man known as "Pierre de France," aka Pierre Plantard, aka Plantard de St.-Clair, began publishing a journal called Vaincre, which was the arm of a group calling itself Alpha Galates. The stated purpose of Alpha Galates was to form a European federation centered on French leadership.

Vaincre carried stories that were both anti-Semitic and anti-Masonic. Plantard, speaking to Baigent, Lincoln, and Leigh, said that he had to run stories of that type in order to get it past the Gestapo - really, he and Poirer Murat were sending coded messages to the Underground Resistance. He claimed that in 1943 he was arrested and detained for Resistance activity. The Resistance seems to have appreciated Plantard's efforts, because he was named by General deGaulle to the Paris Committee of Public Safety.

Rennes-le-Château Debunked

Saunière was just an ordinary Roman Catholic French priest --- who happened to hit the jackpot when he SOLD MASSES during the conflict between Church and State in France 1885-1905. Advertising in religious newspapers, magazines and journals around the world, Saunière reaped a financial bonanza both for himself and the Church he helped renovate. He built a villa on the grounds of the Church where he entertained the rich and famous, including the international opera star Emma Calvé. He built a gothic tower on the grounds and planted gardens filled with exotic plants and birds.

Saunière refused to account for his massive expenditure to his Bishop, who threatened to bring him up on formal charges. When Saunière continued to keep the source of his income secret, the case went to the Vatican, who would not render a verdict until the Bishop could look at the books. The case was deadlocked for several years, until finally Saunière ran out of stalling tactics and released the books for examination.

Saunière was defrocked by the Catholic Church in 1912, and died in 1917. He continued to act as a Priest although his authority was stripped, and he died on eve of signing contracts for new, vaster building schemes for the grounds of the Church. According to his will, all money transferred to his housekeeper upon Saunière‘s death. Father Riviere denied him last rites due to Saunière‘s refusal to confess the sin of selling masses.

Priory of Sion Debunked

1.The original Priory of Sion was founded in 1956 as a social group of friends by two people – André Bonhomme and Pierre Plantard. The original Priory of Sion had nothing to do with Bérenger Saunière, Rennes-le-Château, politics or secret societes – the story goes that one day, when someone commented on the bad state of the lodgings – it was decided to form a society devoted to the cause of Low-Cost Housing: and so the Priory of Sion was created! It was actually named after the hill of Mont Sion located outside the town of St-Julien-en-Genevoise. They produced an amateur journal called "Circuit" devoted to the cause of Low-Cost Housing, that simply comprised of A4 pages stapled together, and containing a crude text that was both stencilled and printed.

2. Pierre Plantard had a shadowy background – he was a supporter of the Vichy regime in Wartime France – and his past involved anti-semitic politics within an esoteric framework – in 1942 he founded an Order of Knighthood called the Alpha Galates, and was sentenced to four months in Fresnes prison for not registering it with the authorities (Secret Service Report, dated 13 February 1945). (It is known that the Gestapo, such as the units under Klaus Barbie in Lyon, were infiltrating, dissolving, and murdering members of leftist esoteric organizations (like Alpha Galates alleged to be) during the Vichy Occupation.) He was also imprisoned during the 1950s (a letter by the Mayor of Annemasse to the Sub-Prefect of St Julien-en-Genevois dated 1956 notes that Plantard received a prison sentence in 1953 over allegations relating to fraud, embezzlement, and child corruption.)

3.During the mid-1980s a conflict erupted between Pierre Plantard and a French researcher, Jean-Luc Chaumeil, who conducted investigations on Pierre Plantard that yielded the above-mentioned information. By the 1980s Plantard had acquired quite a name for himself by reviving the Priory of Sion from 1962 onwards, and creating a mystique involving the legends of Gisors, Bérenger Saunière and Rennes-le-Château, secret societies, his claim to be from a French Line of Kings, the keeper of secrets and possessor of secret parchments – he also claimed that the Priory of Sion was founded during the Crusades by Godfrey de Bouillon, was linked with the Knights Templar, and produced a List of Grand Masters spanning centuries. All of this was bogus and fraudulent and Jean-Luc Chaumeil had all the evidence to prove it.

3. That the Priory of Sion did not exist before 1956 can easily be proved. Its 1956 Registration Documents and 1956 Statutes, deposited in the Police Station at St Julien-en-Genevois, can be found at http://documents.priory-of-sion.com.posd .

4. Plantard claims that in 1946, he left Alpha Galates and was inducted into the PoS by the Abbe Francois Ducaud-Bourget. However, there are similarities between Alpha Galates and the PoS, one also finds a strange semblance between the PoS "statutes" and the degrees and principles of the Rectified Scottish Rite in France (an outgrowth of the Templar Strict Observance) and the Memphis-Misraim branch of Masonry.

5. The "prieure documents" suggest there was a "schism" within the PoS in 1956. Whatever this "schism" was, it led the schismatics to register the group and its statutes with the French bureau of organizations, giving the first traceable existence of the group in this year. In 1956 Plantard was first accused of actually being an active Vichy collaborator, and part of the Vichy's "educational movement" meant to indoctrinate the youth of France against modernity and Americanization. During this time (1961-1978), his associates began depositing the mysterious "prieure documents" (all having to do with treasure, Rennes-les-Chateau, Merovingians, white queens, and hidden secrets) in the Biblioteque Nationnale, under pseudonyms like "Anthony the Hermit".

6. Plantard died in February of 2000. Since that time no one has stepped forward to give any more interviews. Despite its registry with the French directory of organizations, the PoS remains untraceable, its given address and number leading to dead ends. .


In short, the documentation used by many books, like “Holy Blood, Holy Grail”, “The Bible Fraud”, and lately “The DaVinci Code” - which claim to refute traditional Christian doctrines and claim that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had kids - were concocted by a man TRYING TO KEEP HIS NAZI-COLLABORATING BOHUNKAS OUT OF THE HANGMAN’S NOOSE!!!

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